Getting back on the saddle.

This morning, I found myself sitting behind my 3 monitors attempting to consume all the information I possibly could – only to realize that, I’m not. I needed fresh air. And a good ‘ol bike ride always use to help to get the blood flowing. At least, that is what I recall from months and months ago. Thanks Covid and Lockdown. Gosh, this is why we can’t have nice things.

But first, a funny:

As mentioned a moment ago, I found myself at my mental capacity for this weekend and just could not absorb any new information, so I texted my best friend who always humor me when I want to cycle. What distance I can do in a week, he does on a casual Tuesday.

The Guy. Ahead of me and always giving me a goal to chase.

So I inflated my bike’s tires, wiped off the thick layer of dust and started pedaling to meet up at his house. “Ah, this is not so bad, in fact, its going smoothly…” – Its literally downhill towards his house.

The last bit of snow left on our mountains way in the distance.

As flat as the ride was, my body definitely let me know that I’m rusty, stiff and unfit. I’ve sat behind my desk for way too long and its about time that I get moving again.

My Gear: Ciovita “xneelo” branded shirt. First Ascent cycling shorts, socks and shoes. Titan Sonic Trail 29’er bike and helmet. Garmin Vivoactive 4.

The most surprising thing of today, all my clothes still seemed to fit.

Not the most impressive ride, but its still better than not having done it. Let’s see what the next ride is going to be like.

Side note: If your are looking for a good cycling film with amazing cinematography, check out Life Cycles. To this day it remains one of the best films with stunning visuals.

If you want to connect on Strava, feel free to send a request.

Until next time.