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About Me

Customer service, people, has become my passion which I live and breathe every day. Being a very analytical person, I pay close attention to detail, take pride in my work and continually seek knowledge and a deeper understanding of the things that interest me.

When forced to choose between quality of work or quantities of work, then quality always wins. I prefer to understand all the facts of a situation, or concentrating on data while looking for the best method to resourcefully solve the problem. I am regarded as a good team player and mentor who focuses on teaching, enabling others and building relationships within my own team as well as within the greater organization.

Technical Skills – Current employer

(+7 years)

Email: Expert knowledge in setting up and troubleshooting email related queries. 

Web hosting: Expert knowledge in troubleshooting website-related queries, including but not limited to the following:

Servers:  Good knowledge in supporting and troubleshooting our Linux hosting environment, including but not limited to the following:

Communication and support tools:

And familiarity with:

Qualifications and self study

Still busy:

Personal Skills


I’m a family man first and a technophile second. I am constantly researching/watching reviews on new technologies, products on the market or items I’m looking to buy in the future. I often find myself getting lost in Tolkien’s world and enjoy listening to lore from his books.  Lastly, I love camping, mountain biking, going on a road trip and can’t wait for when my 2-year-old son can tell me where he’d like the next adventure to be.