New beginnings…

Obi nnim obrempon ahyease.
(Nobody knows the beginning of a great man.)

– Akan proverb.

Part 1.

07:15 Monday, 12 July 2021. 7°C and still dark.

Today was the first time since last year March that we had to leave our house this early in the morning. It is also my son’s very first day at nursery school. Just imagine a proud dad walking around with a puffed up chest, smiling a big smile behind a mandatory face mask – that guy was me.

New bag, new school, new day, new beginnings.

Recently, my boy also picked up the habit of wanting to do everything himself. Putting on his rain boots on his own. Switching the lights on and off on his own. Getting into the car on his own. Changing his own diaper… Well, he wants to…

This morning with a complete change in his daily routine, he woke up much earlier than usual, had to get dressed and we were all heading to the car at 07:00. And every step involved him wanting to do everything on his own. Pressed for time, the very punctual side of me wanted to help him along the whole time.

But, what I’ve recognized in myself over the last year or two is that I lose a bit of myself everyday. Is that a bad thing? Well, I don’t think so, not if what you are losing are the all the bad bits and its being replaced with many more good bits. Even though this morning took a bit longer than what I’ve liked in order to miss traffic, I got to enjoy going along to drop my son off for his first day at nursery school. And I just knew that he will love it (hint: they have swings).

Leaving him there, was the hardest part when he realized that he is not coming with. The tears. The crying. But after some time, my wife composed herself and we were able to return to the car. (My son also cried naturally).

Part 2.

16:15 Monday, 12 July 2021. 10°C.

This little champ was having a blast but was all smiles when he noticed his mother arrive.

The blue bike is definitely the fastest bike, Dad. I tested them all!

After he showed off all the new toys, his teacher (“Tannie”) and his new friends, he was also very eager to grab his bag and head to the car.

Ready to go home. 1st day done and dusted.

I must admit, I am super proud of this little guy. There are many adventures to be had and the important part is taking that first step. Or, as my favorite author once wrote:

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

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