Who am I?

“Patience, grace, and a sense of humor.”

I am Adriaan van der Kolff. Or, as one of my best friends have dubbed me, VeeDeeKay. Husband to a loving wife. Father to the most amazing little dude. Master Technical consultant who is motivated to create a raving fan out of every customer I have the privilege to help.

In my mid-twenties I saw a brand new bumper sticker, stuck to a half broken down rusty Toyota Corolla which, much like to the bumper its been stuck to, has stuck with me ever since. It read the following:

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” P.T. Barnum

This blog is a way for me to share my personal ongoing learnings, experiences, memories and the odd ramble about [Life] or something new or old I have discovered which has gotten me all excited.

In a world with a population of 7,869,471,958 people, I believe there are many Dads who share the same sentiment: “What the hell am I suppose to be doing?!”, “Does the poop ever end?!”, “When did I get a Dad-bod?!”, “No no, leave the pacifier, daddy needs it… “

This blog is for them.

Technophiles who still have a passion for things of old, who love to constantly learn new things and are humbled by the things they are yet to learn.

This blog is for them.

Family men and adventurers at heart, who would want nothing more than a bit of more time to spend with their amazing other halves and a son and daughter who thinks you are the bravest, strongest, smartest person in the world (I doubt my son thinks this yet, so I am taking liberties of mentioning what I can only assume to be his thoughts…), but somehow every time you blink the day or weekend has passed.

This blog is for them.

The three survival tools which have helped me on my journey are Patience, Grace and a good (sometimes questionable) sense of humor.

My Son taught me Patience
My wife taught me Grace
[Life] taught me a sense of humor.

In this blog, I would like to share this with any readers which my words are able to reach and hopefully encourage and inspire others as [Life] happens. Thank you for being part of this amazing [Life] we all get to enjoy and experience together and impact the future which we leave for generations to come.

See you soon.